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  • XCMG heavy mining excavator and dump truck

    On September 11, XCMG signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Indonesian MES Company in XCMG Excavating Machinery Division, and reached the intent of purchasing complete sets of mining equipment for 100 crawler excavators and 50 articulated mining trucks.

  • XCMG 55 ton right hand drive truck crane

    Recently we export one unit XCMG 55 ton right hand drive truck crane QY55KA_Y to Africa.QY55KA_Y is advanced from XCMG QY50K-II RHD model.

  • Customer order balance valve for XCMG QY50K

    Recently, one customer inquiry a balance valve for this crane.The crane model is QY50K.

  • XCMG large loader famous South African iron ore

    South Africa and one of the BRIC nations, Africa's most economically developed and labor-productive countries, have already produced 1/4 of their GDP and become the "southern engine" of Africa's gross domestic product. South Africa is famous for its rich mineral resources and Africa is the largest i

  • 2 units XCMG QY70K-I go to Africa

    Recently, one customer order 2 units XCMG 70 ton truck crane model QY70K-I.

  • Heavy lifting, we trust XCMG

    Speaking of crane hoisting, not only is the "crane driver" the biggest challenge, but also a huge test of each crane. In the large-scale steel structure and grid installation, dozens of cranes with lifting the scene often happen. Many experts have hoisted hoisting sigh such lifting must have two bas

  • XCMG ZL50G wheel loader parts

    Recently one customer order some parts for his wheel loader ZL50G.ZL50G is a popular XCMG wheel loader 5 ton model, it’s heavy duty and durable.

  • XCMG self designed amphibious excavator export to Africa

    Recently, XCMG Africa market and good news: XCMG successfully exported to Africa XCMG XE215S amphibious excavator. This is the XCMG amphibious excavator for the first time to achieve exports, but also China's independent research and development of amphibious excavators for the first time batch expo.

  • XCA220, the super new G generation all terrain crane

    Jilin Song Huajiang River dam construction project, small space, slope, in such a space, it is difficult for the crane to display their fist. In addition, in such a site construction, but also faced with "car hanging fixed, the cart not get into" the troubled!In the 200-ton crane.

  • XCMG XGC88000 get CE certificate approved

    Recently, the world's largest lifting capacity crawler crane XCMG XGC88000 won the EU CE certificate, marking China's most high-end crawler cranes successfully opened to open the European high-end construction market.

  • XCMG crawler crane working for wind electric construction

    scene oneXGC800 crawler crane challenge 120 m wind power hoisting Condition: over the work of the main arm 126m + wind power arm 12mConstruction site: Anhui Province● Lingbi city wind farmFan type: 2.2MWCabin center installation height: 120mMaximum lifting parts: nacelle weight 102t Scene twoXGC160

  • Nine years, 20000+ hours, XCMG excavator shows durable

    In 2009, Mr. Yang's hometown of Yichuan County Lu Dianzhen in response to the local government called on the ongoing large-scale power transformation project.

  • XCMG rotary drilling rig help to build constructions in Indonesia

    Indonesia, the world's largest archipelagic country, has about 17,508 islands. At present, the country is carrying out basic engineering construction, including highways, high-speed railway, subway, housing construction and so on. Located in the east of Jakarta City, there are dozens of rotary drill

  • XCMG wind electric all terrain crane XCA450/550/1200

    To ask XCMG "G generation" crane is the most bright star who is, it was undoubtedly XCA450 / 550/1200 wind power dedicated ground cranes.

  • XCMG excavator explore the mining in Three Gorges mine

    In the "Three Gorges Pearl" reputation of Yichang City, Hubei Province, layers of mountains in the endless, dark gray surface reflected bright "XCMGjin." 4 XCMG XE470C large tonnage excavator is using a strong hammer against the rock hard, mechanical sound intertwined.

  • XCMG G generation truck crane’s intelligent boom control

    Since XCMG G generation truck crane came out, people on the G generation of high-end technology on the discussion has not stopped, G-generation crane original intelligent technology applications, designers have given a strong "wisdom", so that the operator labor to a certain extent.

  • XCMG LNG wheel loader, heavy duty work for 12000 hours, save fuel cost 20million RMB

    Remember that in 2015, the birth of the first single LNG loader? Of course, this by the XCMG to create a super large single - Qian'an Jiujiang Logistics Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Jiujiang logistics) one-time purchase of 120 sets of XCMG LNG loader, refresh the field of loaders multiple records.

  • XCMG 15 ton wheel excavator is working in Ningxia province

    Recently, XCMG XE150WB dozens of wheeled excavators in Ningxia Guyuan, a certain formation of construction operations, the product of high attendance, high reliability and high operating efficiency by the customer's high praise.

  • XCMG Rough Terrain Crane will help to build 150,000 national grid construction in Saudi Arab

    In China's second largest desert - Alashan Desert, a great national strategic project will be implemented here, West to East, the whole will set up 15,000 power grids.In the vast desert areas to set up a grid, the harsh environment is the biggest challenge, test the people also test the machine.

  • XCMG truck crane XCT40U exported to the U.S.A.

    US time on May 18 at 8 am, XCMG XCT40U truck crane in Orlando Fun Sport America amusement park perfect completion of the first lifting in North America, the successful opening of the truck crane trip to North America.

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