XCMG new type telescopic boom aerial working platform off production line

Views: 3     Author: Tod     Publish Time: 2017-08-09      Origin: XCMG

Recently, XCMG truck-mounted crane factory have another new telescopic arm high-altitude vehicles GKS21BH47 successful off the assembly line and to achieve sales. The product is a market demand for the development of a cost-effective products, the upper arm can be full-scale operation, customer operation more convenient and efficient, while effectively reducing the cost of the control system; platform for the first time to use the DC motor drive one-way rotary , The rotation is smooth, and effectively reduce the cost of the rotary mechanism; pipeline transport with built-in moving pulley type pipeline conveyor mechanism will be piping system, placed in the arm body, beautiful appearance, suitable for outdoor and a variety of special bad occasions jobs.

XCMG truck-mounted crane.png

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