XCMG QY25K-II truck crane

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  • Customer order 25ton truck crane QY25K-II
    One of our customer order 1 unit 25 ton truck crane model QY25K-II.Before, we will send driver to drive it from factory to Shanghai to take a ship, but from this year, we will use a semi-trailer truck to transport the crane.
  • Customer order XCMG 25 ton truck crane
    One customer order 2 units XCMG 25 ton truck crane from us, the model is QY25K.This is one of the most popular crane model of XCMG.Its max. Lift capacity is 25 ton, at 3m working radius.
  • We export XCMG 25 ton truck crane QY25K-II
    QY25K-II is the most popular 25 ton truck crane model of XCMG, maybe also the most popular model in China crane market.Many customers have it, before the model is QY25K-II, but since 2016, factory is advance it and give the new name QY25K-II. It is with max. Lift capacity 25 ton at 3m min. Working r
  • XCMG QY25K-II export to Saudi Arab
    Recently we export two units XCMG 25 ton truck crane QY25K-II to Saudi Arab.QY25K-II is one of the most popular XCMG brand 25 ton truck crane model. It is advanced from QY25K, with longer boom length than QY25K and new type truck cab.
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