20,000 hours +, arctic land, XCMG wheel loader interpretation with not destroyed

Views: 10     Author: Lane     Publish Time: 2017-12-09      Origin: Changzhou Yamar Group

Russia's Arctic region, Russia's largest open pit mine, China's largest tonnage loader - XCMG LW1200K loader and two XCMG DL900A wheeled, with international brands with the same tonnage loader PK, in the ultra-20,000 hours No fault operation, XCMG loader with a solid structure, strong power, stable and reliable, energy efficient and fully applicable to the operation of the cold weather performance, by the user trust.

"Driving XCMG loader, the most intuitive feeling is that the cab space is very large, vision is very open, the seal is particularly good, low noise." XCMG LW1200K loader driver in communication with the local XCMG service staff said, "Now, this The car has been used more than 20,000 hours, has been very satisfied with me.LW1200K is equipped with a 6.5m ³ heavy bucket, so that our stripping is easier and more efficient than ever before, and heavy-duty bucket teeth and auxiliary board also increased the shovel Especially the XCMG design for the Arctic configuration of the long wheelbase heavy-duty design, so that we face any harsh conditions, are very easy. "He was pleased to fine mine the first Chinese loading The details of his satisfaction with the machine, "completely better than I had previously driven by other international brands inferior.



20000 hours have passed, the three XCMG loader, in the Russian Arctic's largest open pit mine, withstood the harsh environment of the test, continue to show its high quality, high quality, high performance, high stability, high fuel economy , Easy to maintain the advantages of the current mining area everyone is thumbs up the "excellent staff."

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