32 millions RMB full payment, customer in Mongolia order XCMG 90T dump truck

Views: 7     Author: Mike     Publish Time: 2019-01-26      Origin: XCMG

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Recently, after half a year's inspection by the customer's professional team, XCMG Heavy Truck passed the final bidding process with excellent product quality and comprehensive and life-cycle service. It successfully won 36 sets of 90T open-pit mine rock and Yunyuan coal truck 32 million yuan. Full order.

The dump truck used in the mining area is mainly used for transporting coal, muck and earth and stone materials. The load is heavy and the strength is high. The equipment is running almost all day. The ordinary small dump truck is difficult to meet the requirements. Therefore, the load bearing capacity and reliability of the product are Stability, advancement, comfort, and safety are extremely demanding.

XCMG 90T dump truck 

This batch of vehicles is equipped with a rare high-end configuration in the industry, with automatic fire-fighting induction device WP13G530E310 engine, which is not only powerful, reliable and durable, but also mature in technology, extremely low in emissions and economical to use. Reversing images, centralized lubrication systems, emergency steering functions, etc. improve vehicle handling convenience and safety.

XCMG dump truck

Even with poor working conditions, this model still fully considers the need to improve driving comfort. Equipped with overhead protection, insulation, high-power air-conditioning and shock-absorbing seats for all-weather operation, it has the ability to resist wind, rain, snow, dust and noise, and can adapt to the harsh conditions of on-site operation; driving The rooms are equipped with fireproof materials and meet the fire protection requirements and relevant standards. Two 8 kg fire extinguishers and fixing frames are provided.


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