CHINA Excavator NO.1 from XCMG factory

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Recently we visit XCMG excavator factory and see the 700-ton hydraulic excavator model XE700E.


it was driven by two 1700-horsepower electric motors, which exceeded the power of two 99-type main battle tanks. The product's weight is equivalent to 500 ordinary cars and the total length is 23.5 meters. Close to the earth's largest living creature - the length of an adult blue whale, with a bucket width of 5 meters and a bucket capacity of 34 cubic meters, a bucket can dig more than 50 tons of coal, and the maximum bucket pushing pressure is 243 tons, and the bucket force is 230 tons. XCMG's 700-ton hydraulic excavator can be used with XCMG’s 240-ton or 300-ton mine dump truck. This group of “mines” can complete more than 30,000 tons of coal loading and transportation tasks within 8 hours. Efficient operating efficiency is China's mining industry is undoubtedly a major breakthrough.

XCMG excavator01 

This 700-ton hydraulic excavator is not only so simple as “China's largest tonnage”. It uses a dual-power component coupling control system, a high-pressure system intelligent monitoring and fault self-diagnosis technology, a modular dual-power hydraulic drive system, and self-refueling Adapted to many unique technologies such as the chassis tension system, and possessing 52 independent patents, it achieved the breakthrough in the application of key core technologies for the first time in the field of super-large hydraulic excavators in China, marking that China has become the world’s successor to Germany, Japan, and the United States. China became the fourth country that has the R&D and manufacturing capabilities for hydraulic excavators of 700 tons or more.

XCMG excavator04

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