China's first ultra-narrow fuselage cantilever tunneling machine

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Recently, China's first ultra-narrow fuselage cantilever TBM XTR4 / 180 is offline in XCMG. XCMG machine is the basis of combining the international advanced technology to develop new products with independent intellectual property rights, mainly tailored for small tunnel construction, it can also be used for the construction of underground pipe gallery. Success of the aircraft off the assembly line, complete the XCMG in large, medium and small types of tunnel section layout of the market, to further consolidate the industry leader XCMG cantilever tunnel boring machine.

China's first ultra-narrow fuselage cantilever tunneling machine

The aircraft machine configuration high, modular design, the fuselage width of only 1.7 meters, the most international of the same level. The main technical characteristics are as follows: the use of a new type of cutting mechanism and the small-diameter cutting head, strong rock breaking ability; spray with the onboard fan double dust, effectively improve the effect of dust, reduce dust pollution; shipping agency adopts anti-card chain design, effective avoid cards chain, the chain jumping phenomenon; the use of air-cooling, cooling effect, in the absence of an external water source, the host can work; the main hydraulic components are imported brands, strengthening the stability of the equipment; intelligent electronic control and protection functions to protect the safety and efficiency of construction. Prior to this, the main domestic small tunnel blasting method of construction, size Overbreak underbreak is serious security risk. XTR4 / 180 cantilever construction dangerous tunneling function to solve the traditional blasting method, a large disturbance of surrounding rock, the size difference is not controlled and ultra Shield the problem of higher prices. Currently, the first sets of equipment has achieved sales, boosting hydropower ten innings Pihe diversion project.


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