Chinese biggest Complete sets of mine excavation equipment arrived mining area

Views: 2     Author: Sam     Publish Time: 2017-07-02      Origin: XCMG

China's largest complete sets of mining machinery and equipment - XCMG XE4000 mine hydraulic excavator and XDE240 mine dump truck have been in progress for many of the largest coal-producing enterprises in the country's leading coal-level Pingshuo Group. One year of joint construction. 

XCMG mining excavator.png

XCMG XE4000 mining hydraulic excavator has 25 national invention patents, with a wide range of excavation, pushing pressure and crushing force, mobility and off-road and other significant advantages. 240 tons of electric drive dump truck capacity of 148 cubic meters, the engine power to 2,500 horsepower, with high reliability, comfort, security, intelligence and other characteristics, performance reached the international advanced level. Since the construction, "mine hero" with excellent performance has been highly recognized by the construction side. "We used to use foreign direct brand equipment, procurement and maintenance costs are very high.Using XCMG complete sets of mining equipment, found that the quality of reliable, high attendance, not only significantly reduced," said Zhao Yan, production manager of Pudong Shuo Group East Opencast Group, The use and maintenance costs, but also improve the quality and efficiency of the excavation. "It is reported that XCMG has been jointly in the coal Pingshuo Group jointly developed 700-ton super-large mining hydraulic excavator, once again refresh China's largest tonnage excavator record.

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