Customer Experience Activities in XCMG factory

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XCMG G new generation customer experience event, 12 were arranged in two columns in the new generation of G commander orders, at the same time make a boom lift, swing and other activities. More than 40 country's top user machine hand, honest to XCMG initiative, the first smart boom technology with intelligent control systems, human-computer interaction technology, and new handling fretting resistance, were practical operation verification. A wind power lifting XCA550 known for all-terrain crane, in turn lifting 55 tons and 8 tons truck crane 10 meters above the ground, showed off new products featured at the same time, show the hoisting machine hand superb skills. User machine hand in an interview, said XCMG G XCA350 new generation cab glossy 12.3-inch true color display, picture clarity strong texture, its pioneering knob control mode operation easier. Cab and cab tea device layout is very ergonomic, richer display of information, experience more friendly human-computer interaction.

XCMG G series crane

It is understood that the new generation G XCMG full use of information technology, data, networking means, in the "full value chain analysis of large data intelligent decision-making platform, intelligent high-end product platforms, collaborative PDM global R & D platform, intelligent platform + lean manufacturing MES , the global networking platform smart butler "for customers to build a high-end intelligent lifting weapon.

XCMG G all terrain crane

G generation of intelligent technology, intelligent management is to bring basic product upgrades. With global networking platform, customers can control every crane belongs to all operational states, and set up job with the border fence, cost statistics, management operations work hand machine behavior, etc., the real equipment and devices, and equipment, people and people together, help users to establish intelligent management of cluster-based big data.
Intelligent crane manufacturing base, G generation through fully integrated Manufacturing Execution Systems MES and ERP systems, with the two-dimensional code scanning, water spiders and distribution, AGV car, full touch screen independent inquiry equipment, manufacturing process online testing, visual monitoring network and so intelligent control mode, to protect the whole manufacturing process standardization, consistency. In this regard, vice president of XCMG and general manager Lu Chuan Machinery Division Lifting think: "G generation carries Wang Min, chairman of the Group of strategic vision for lifting machinery industry sector, I hope through our efforts crane division, to take the lead competitive Chinese construction machinery industry competition to a value-added, high-value new starting point for the competition of creativity. "

XCMG G series crane 2

Insiders analysis, XCMG G disseminate its new generation "smart technology, green energy, quality performance, ultra-high performance" product concept, which will bring the pulling effect of the global crane market and industrial transfer effect, making not just China users, customers around the world can share the development dividend after China crane industry upgrading.

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