Customer order 1 unit XCMG new 50t truck crane

Views: 1     Author: Raymond     Publish Time: 2020-09-12      Origin: Changzhou Yamar Group

Recently, one customer order the 50 ton brand new XCMG truck crane from us. The crane model is XCT50M.

It is a new model of 50 ton XCMG truck crane. It have some features:

The lifting performance is fully ahead of the industry's 50-55 ton-class products. The length of the boom is increased to 44.5m, and the lifting performance is increased by about 10%. The fixed weight configuration covers competitors 5%, the combined weight covers 10% of competitors, and the optional 3t weight covers 22% of competitors.

XCT50M truck crane

Low-speed high-torque power system to achieve the perfect combination of optimal power and optimal economy. The maximum climbing capacity is 45%, the maximum driving speed is 90km / h, and the industry is the highest. The fuel consumption is 35L per 100 kilometers. Based on 10,000 kilometers per year, it is 700L fuel-efficient compared to its competitors.

New energy-saving hydraulic system, lower fuel consumption and better micro-movement. The comprehensive operating conditions are on average 15% better than those of competitors, and the fretting and smoothness are improved by 20%, which meets users' precise lifting requirements.

A car-level XCMG interaction system provides users with a comfortable and intelligent operating experience.


The width of the whole vehicle is only 2550mm, and the structure is compact and flexible.

XCMG G's brand-new appearance and ergonomic design make user operation more comfortable and convenient.


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