Customer order 2 units XCMG LW500FN wheel loader

Views: 1     Author: Raymond     Publish Time: 2021-10-09      Origin: Changzhou Yamar Group

Recently, one customer order 2 units XCMG 5 ton wheel loader, model is LW500FN.

LW500FN is with 2.8m3 bucket, it is smaller 5 ton wheel loader. For 5 ton wheel loader, XCMG have 3 different model, they are LW500FN-the small 5 ton, LW500KN-the standard 5 ton and ZL50GN-the big 5 ton model.

XCMG LW500FN wheel loader


We will send the 2 units LW500FN wheel loader to seaport by semi-trailer truck.

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