Customer order 5 ton knuckle boom XCMG truck-mounted crane

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Recently, one customer order 1 unit 5 ton XCMG truck-mounted crane, knuckle boom type.

XCMG’s knuckle boom truck-mounted crane is directly lifted with a hook, and generally has a two-stage luffing mechanism, and the cargo curve rises and falls. Generally, a variety of auxiliary equipment can be installed on such cranes to achieve other special operating conditions. High-performance products developed on our brand-new technology platform, with distinctive features and cost-effectiveness.

SQ5ZK2 truck-mounted crane

operating system:

There is a separate control valve for getting on and getting off the vehicle. The rotary valve is used to select the oil path, and the getting on and off the vehicle is interlocked, which effectively reduces the risk of getting off the vehicle and mis-operation. In addition, the side of the turntable arranged on the vehicle to operate the seat can be infinitely rotated with the turntable, which has a better control field of vision.

A control valve is used to get on and off the vehicle. The crane is standing on the crane. The operation process is simple, convenient, and has a better field of vision. You can directly see the inside of the cargo box during operation.

You can choose the color you like for paint the crane.

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