Customer order 5 ton mining wheel loader model LW500HV

Views: 10     Author: Jack     Publish Time: 2020-01-12      Origin: Changzhou Yamar Group

Recently, one customer order 1 unit XCMG 5 ton wheel loader from us, it is a new model designed for mining use.

LW500HV wheel loader

The model is LW500HV, it is similar to LW500KV, but with rocky bucket, and wheel protect chain. The engine is Weichai brand engine, with low turning speed and big torque, this will make it more powerful to lift the mine material. It have some features:

XCMG's proprietary high-torque, high-efficiency transmission chain provides reasonable matching.

XCMG features super-heavy-duty structural members without redundancy.

Ultra-long wheelbase, industry-leading working ability and operational stability.

The main hinge centering design reduces the turning radius and reduces tire wear and energy loss.

Ergonomically designed cab, integrated skeleton structure, exquisite interior, large space, sound insulation and noise reduction, comfortable operation.

Flexible shaft operation is more suitable for bucket operation after loading sand, gravel, coal and other materials.

Traction force is 16 tons, high unloading capacity is ≥3.7m, and it can easily cope with dangerous working conditions.

Lifting capacity ≥ 7.5 tons, breakout force 17.5 tons, heavy lifting of various materials.

We will ship it by ro-ro ship.


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