Customer order Hirschmann display for his XCMG truck crane

Views: 48     Author: Peter     Publish Time: 2018-06-02      Origin: Changzhou Yamar Group

Recently one customer order a display of Hirschmann brand for this XCMG truck crane model QY50K.

That is new IC3600 Display, please check the photos:

Hirschmann display (3)

Hirschmann display (2)

XCMG have cooperated with Hirschmann for many years. Hirschmann produce the sensor, computer, display, load limit for XCMG cranes, also they have a office and factory in Xuzhou city, which is only 5 minutes by car from our brand office in Xuzhou. So if you have any need of its parts, just contact us. We can provide you it by the fast speed.

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