Customer order XCMG 12 ton truck crane

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Recently, one customer order 1 unit 12 ton XCMG truck crane from us. The model is XCT12.

XCT is new series truck crane, with Euro 4/5 standard engine and new design.

XCT12 is new generation of two-bridge four-section boom truck crane and it breaks the lifting limit of 30.5 meters for 12t truck crane.

XCT12 truck crane

It also have some advantages:

• Adopt the whole machine optimized matching technology and calculation analysis platform, the highest performance of two bridges, covering the performance of three bridge products

• Single-board boom head, compact boom tail, high lift balance weight, improve convenience

• New energy-saving hydraulic system, double pumps confluence, fast speed, high efficiency, smooth operation, precise micro movement;

• New human-computer interaction system, 5-inch color screen, PLC control system integrated GPS, full-featured and more secure

• Automatic working condition planning technology, performance query is fast and accurate

• Harness reliability upgrade, reasonable layout, easy maintenance, and long life

• Brand new appearance, flat head cab, full coverage of walking platform, new control room, large capacity tool box

• Improved humanized design, fast rope hooking, slewing protection, new fixing device for hook, optimized control space, three-dimensional air duct

• Six-speed full synchronizer gearbox for superior driving performance

• Lightweight design, compared with the three-bridge chassis, energy saving of 10%, good economy

• The power system has multiple configurations to meet the needs of different users. Two configurations of Shangchai engine and Weichai engine are adopted to meet the needs of different users.

XCT12 crane

We already go factory and test the crane before delivery.


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