Customer order XCMG 23 ton road roller

Views: 4     Author: Sam     Publish Time: 2020-08-24      Origin: Changzhou Yamar Group

Recently, one customer order 1 unit XCMG 23 ton road roller, the model is XS223J.


XS223J roller

It have some characteristics:

● Using Shangchai Euro3 high-voltage common rail electronically controlled low-speed diesel engine to achieve the best fuel consumption working area and reduce the overall fuel consumption by 10%; low-speed diesel engine reduces noise emissions and enhances the overall seal, reducing the overall noise by 2 dB Optimize the transmission system matching to achieve the best compaction operation speed and improve the operation efficiency by 8%;

● The speed of the clutch coupling is improved from the original manual control to the intelligent control of the system, which solves the impact of human factors on the system and greatly improves the reliability of the clutch system;

● The cab and the frame adopt a vibration reduction device with combined stiffness, which reduces the vibration of the cab in multiple dimensions and significantly improves the operator's work comfort;

● Adopting scientific and reasonable air duct design, the air-conditioning system independently dissipates heat to ensure sufficient air intake, comprehensively enhances the heat-dissipation capacity, and ensures that the power system works efficiently;

● Using advanced hydraulic damping control technology to optimize vibration parameters, work more smoothly, and the quality of work has been greatly improved;

● The opening angle of the front flip hood is large, and the electric lifting device can make the hood safely stop at any position during the lifting process, and the system components are easy to maintain;

● The overall appearance of XCMG single-steel roller “3” series platform is adopted, and the whole machine is streamlined.


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