Customer order XCMG 25 ton truck crane

Views: 2     Author: Raymond     Publish Time: 2020-11-08      Origin: Changzhou Yamar Group

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Recently, one customer order 1 unit 25 ton truck crane from us, the model is QY25K5-I.

QY25K5-I truck crane

It’s already an old model but still very popular, there is another 25 ton new model QY25K5A, it is a cost-effective product that is comprehensively upgraded on the basis of our company's mature QY25K5-I:

• “U” -type boom, leading in the industry in terms of boom length and lifting performance.

• New power transmission platform, leading in driving performance and lowest in driving fuel consumption.

• Double-pump confluence technology, leading the overall efficiency of luffing and telescopic operation.

• Technology optimization and improvement, making the whole machine safer and more reliable.

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