Customer order XCMG 5 ton wheel loader ZL50GN

Views: 5     Author: Mike     Publish Time: 2020-02-28      Origin: Changzhou Yamar Group

Recently, one customer order some units XCMG 5 ton wheel loader from us.



The model is ZL50GN, it is the most popular heavy duty work wheel loader of XCMG. Before the model is ZL50G, but after these years advance, it is much better now:

1. The main material of the bucket is high-strength steel, which leads the industry. The abrasion resistance and impact resistance are greatly improved, and the service life is longer.

2. The lubrication channel of the key hinge point is set on the flange, and no drilling is performed on the pin, eliminating the stress concentration caused by the pin drilling, and the strength and service life of the pin are greatly improved, leading the industry.

3. The electrical system adopts imported waterproof and dust-proof sealed connectors, with reliable performance and beautiful appearance.

4. The new type of dust-proof respirator is fully adopted to ensure the cleanliness of the system and prolong the service life of the components. The respirator filter can be reused multiple times to reduce the user's cost. (With new powder metallurgy respirator photo)

5. Adopt special material seals, low temperature resistance, more pressure resistance; international brand hoses, joints, longer life.

6.Hydraulic steel pipes are cold drawn steel with high-precision materials, and key welding seams are welded with argon arc butt welding, which effectively prolongs the service life.

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