Customer order XCMG 50 ton truck crane QY50KA

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Recently, one customer ordered 1 unit XCMG 50 ton truck crane from us.

The 50 ton truck crane model is QY50KA.

QY50KA (2).png

QY50KA truck crane is designed and manufactured for years by XCMG, based on proven technology, the integration of the latest cutting-edge technology enterprise achievements in QY50K-II based on the development of a mufti-configuration truck crane. To meet the demand of customer, the product is designed in two engine configurations, two kinds of balance weight combinations, expanding consumer choice, improved operating performance, to maximize the advantages of the product.
QY50KA chassis with four-axis, five U-shaped cross-section boom, twin row retractable system. Built-independent winch, internal gear slewing mechanism. Open quantitative variable motor load sensing pump system, new LUDV control technology, hoisting, luffing, telescopic double pump confluence technology to effectively improve the operating speed and complex motor skills. Computer integrated control technology to support multi-state detection, use more secure. A wide range of product operations, lifting powerful, easier to use, safe and reliable

QY50KA (3).png

Now the crane in Shanghai port, it will be load by ro-ro ship.

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