Customer order XCMG GR1803 motor grader

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Recently, customer order 1 unit XCMG GR1803 motor grader from us.

GR1803 motor grader

Before, the model is GR180, but advanced to GR1803, it have some new features:

● New design.

● It adopts Guosan EFI engine with strong power and large torque reserve coefficient.

● Adopt articulated frame, with front wheel steering, small turning radius and flexible maneuverability.

● Electro-hydraulic controlled power shift transmission with 6 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds.

● The use of international supporting hydraulic parts, reliable work.

● The blade action is fully hydraulically controlled.

● Equipped with hydraulic bolts, the blade is more convenient to stand on its side.

● The rear axle is a three-stage drive axle equipped with a NO-SPIN self-locking differential.

● Adjustable console, seat, joystick and instrumentation are reasonably arranged, easy to use and improve driving comfort.

● The cab is luxurious and beautiful, with a wide field of vision and a good seal.

● Adopt seat-type cooling and heating air conditioners and optimized air conditioning ducts to achieve the best air conditioning effect.

● It can be equipped with front bulldozing plate, rear ripper, front ripper, and automatic leveling device.

GR1803 grader

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