Customer order XCMG GR2153 motor grader

Views: 3     Author: Mike     Publish Time: 2023-10-26      Origin: Changzhou Yamar Group

Recently, customer order 1 unit XCMG motor grader from us. The model is GR2153.

GR2153 grader (1)

This model is advanced from model GR215. GR215 is a typical model of XCMG motor grader.

It have some features:

With articulated frame and front wheel steering, the turning radius is small and flexible.

Electro-hydraulic control power shift transmission, forward gear 6, reverse gear 3.

It adopts international matching hydraulic parts, which works reliably.

GR2153 grader (2)

Blade action is fully hydraulic controlled.

The rear axle is a three-section drive axle with self-locking differential.

Loaded slewing technology, efficient operation, energy saving and noise reduction.

The adjustable console, seat, control handle and instrument are reasonably arranged, easy to use and improve driving comfort.

XCMG's special cab is equipped with surround air conditioning and interior column soft bag, which makes driving more comfortable.

The front bulldozer, rear scarifier, front scarifier and automatic leveling device are optional.

GR2153 grader (3)

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