Customer order XCMG QY100K truck crane bearing

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One customer from South America recently contact us, he told us he have 1 unit XCMG 100 ton truck crane QY100K. His technician find there is one part inside of his crane boom. At the main boom end, there is one big pulley, and inside of pulley there is a big bearing. He needs a new bearing.
This bearing has many different suppliers, as customer like Japanese NSK, so we order it from NSK. After we get it, we find the package of NSK bearing is very well, it’s covered by plastic and oilskin, and then load by standard wood package. We will send it to customer by DHL.
XCMG QY100K truck crane bearing

XCMG QY100K truck crane bearing code

XCMG QY100K truck crane bearing package

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