Customer order XCMG backhoe loader WZ30-25

Views: 1     Author: Jack     Publish Time: 2020-07-20      Origin: Changzhou Yamar Group

Recently one customer order 1 unit XCMG backhoe loader from us, the model is WZ30-25.

XCMG WZ30-25 backhoe loader is a multi-function engineering machine that integrates digging and loading. It is suitable for many operations such as digging, shovel loading, carrying and leveling the ground. , Broken hammer and other attachments to meet a variety of work requirements. XCMG Backhoe Loader's Chinese market share and export volume have maintained industry leadership for more than 10 consecutive years.


It have some features:

Unique articulated frame structure, flexible and flexible.

The traction force of the whole machine is 70kN, and the maximum breakout force is more than 70kN, which is strong and efficient.

The unloading distance can reach 930mm, which is more than 15% more than the products in the same industry.

Equipped with four-wheel drive as standard, the front and rear tires have the same size and strong off-road capability.

Four-wheel caliper disc braking, safe and reliable braking.

The first to adopt a detachable cab frame structure design, which is convenient for transportation needs and low-rise environments.

WZ30-25 backhoe

It can be shipped by 40 feet high cube container, just remove its cab.

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