Customer order XCMG mini excavator

Views: 3     Author: Fred     Publish Time: 2020-06-23      Origin: Changzhou Yamar Group

Recently, one customer order some units XCMG mini excavator from us, the model is XE75D.

Before the model is XE75D, and now advanced to XE75DA.

XE75DA excavator

It have more features:

It is with XCMG customized Kubota mechanical direct injection supercharged engine with good oil adaptability, large low-speed torque, low fuel consumption, low noise, and higher reliability under severe conditions;

New load-sensitive hydraulic system with low energy consumption and high efficiency;

The E / P / B mode control system independently developed by XCMG has better adaptability to working conditions;

Enhanced working device and chassis for higher reliability;

Convenient maintenance, daily maintenance at your fingertips.

Widely used in small earth and stone works, municipal construction, road repair, concrete crushing, buried cables, farmland water conservancy construction, garden cultivation and river trench dredging.

XE75DA mini excavator

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