Customer order XCMG stone material forklift

Views: 1     Author: Raymond     Publish Time: 2023-04-24      Origin: Changzhou Yamar Group

Recently one customer order 1 unit forklift loader. Its model is LW500KN-T18.

LW500KN-T18 (1)

LW500KL-T18 stone fork loader is a special equipment developed by XCMG for various stone mining, transportation and other work needs. After optimization design, it can fork load up to 18 tons of materials (the distance from the ground is not more than 1500mm).

LW500KN-T18 (2)

Its max. operation weight is 21000 kgs. It have some features:

1.It is with Weichai low speed engine, large capacity hydraulic torque converter, high reliability XCMG self-made gearbox, drive axle, perfect power matching, fuel saving and consumption reduction.

2.Higher unloading height and greater unloading distance, wide range of fork rotation angle, adjustable fork spacing, and suitable for various stone shoveling, overturning and other operations.

3.The 24 level engineering tires for the front wheels and the 20 level engineering tires for the rear wheels can adapt to various harsh road conditions and have super off-road performance. Tire protection chains are optional.

4.The chassis has a height of up to, a small turning radius and a large departure angle, which can adapt to a variety of complex working conditions.

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