Customer order Zoomlion 90HP farm tractor

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Recently, one customer order some units farm tractor from us, the model is RC904.

RC904A 发车 (4)

RC904 is produced by Zoomlion, it is with engine of 90HP. It have the following key features:

1. Matched to famous Ⅱengine, with strong power, high safety and large storage torque.

2. Enhanced dual-speed power output, supporting a wide range of machines and tools, high reliability. Adopting dual hydro-cylinder high pressure raising appliance, great raising force, more suitable for large machines and tools working in farmland.

3. New-generation graceful and splendid streamline casing, meeting requirements for safety, dust-proof, noise reduction and hear dissipation.

4. Adopting side mounted control mechanism and meshing sleeve shift, making operation convenient, comfortable and reliable;

5. Independent-operation dual-action clutch, reliable performance;

6. Hydraulic driving brake system and handle-manipulated stop braking system, which are safe and reliable;

7. Enclosed cabin; air conditioner, heater, fan. and sounding system are Optional, safe and comfortable driving.

RC904A 发车 (5)

Our customer use it on his farm for sugarcane plant.

If you want farm tractors, please contact us.

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