Customer order spare parts for XCMG 75 ton crawler crane XGC75

Views: 9     Author: Sam     Publish Time: 2021-10-18      Origin: Changzhou Yamar Group

Recently, XCMG order some spare parts for his XCMG 75 ton crawler crane XGC75.

The parts include pulley, crawler track etc.

XGC75 crane parts

XGC75 crane pulley

Compare with QUY series crawler crane, XGC series crawler crane is a new generation crawler crane product successfully developed based on the XGC55/75/85 platform of XCMG's second-generation product. While inheriting the advantages of the old products, the new-generation products pay more attention to the improvement of performance, ease of disassembly and transportation, and operating comfort. The system is mature and reliable, with complete safety devices. It is equipped with advanced technologies such as herringbone self-cocking function, quick release of auxiliary hooks, one-key switching between main and auxiliary hooks, and rotary micro-motion control. The performance in all aspects is better than domestic counterparts.

XGC75 has a wide range of applications, including transportation infrastructure, urban construction, large-scale hoisting and transshipment, and energy equipment installation.

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