ET111 walking excavator fitted out for the first time the National Highway Traffic regional emergency equipment

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Recently, XCMG Group independently developed a versatile all-terrain walking type hydraulic excavator ET111, first fielded national regional highway traffic emergency equipment and rescue material reserve center, which was first fielded in 2015, following the Armed Police Force unmanned after the operation of the emergency rescue equipment, XCMG "Iron Spider-Man" family Adds award.

ET111 walking excavator

It has been increasing research XCMG walking multifunctional complex disaster rescue equipment, a group of the world's advanced level of walking type hydraulic excavator in use, causing the community, industry, the media continue to focus. In March this year, XCMG development, and manufacturing, the international advanced level of walking excavator, strong landing CCTV10 Science Channel, "I love the invention" section, when a 55-minute long program, hurdles, climbing, fishing and other wading difficult moves, XCMG " Made in China to build brand gold, "set off again public opinion. As a new generation of products, ET111 safe and effective work, flexible, high-end technology reached the international advanced level in the rugged, mud, and other complex terrain, and in one fell swoop bagged more than 30 national invention patents, in order to accelerate XCMG international development, achieve "Everest summit" industrial vision, the contribution of a high-end equipment manufacturing world-class brand

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