Forest porter! Explore XCMG Forest Excavator in Canada

Views: 35     Author: Jack     Publish Time: 2023-03-13      Origin: Changzhou Yamar Group

On the path of the forest farm on the west coast of Canada, the sun shone through the leaves and scattered light. The flexible figure of XCMG XE300UF excavator came into sight not far away. Construction machinery, which plays an important role in mining and urban construction, has been given a new identity here - "forest porter".

Canada is a sparsely populated country, and the forest industry plays an important role in the local market. With the surging market and business opportunities, XCMG has customized a unique forestry construction solution for the North American market. The mountain roads in the forest area are rugged and the weather is unpredictable. In order to cope with the harsh and complex construction conditions, XE300UF has excellent product performance:


The high-pressure common rail EFI engine that meets the emission of Tier 4F in North America has achieved the best fuel injection control and is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly;

Special cab for logging, high strength boarding protection device, and construction safety guaranteed;

Heavy duty reinforced chassis structure, stronger roadblock passing capacity;

Equipped with efficient and fast cutting tools, it can quickly realize multiple functions such as cutting, pruning, peeling, fixed length cutting, etc.

"This equipment has been running for more than 2500 hours without failure. The whole set of actions of feeding, cutting and stacking are flowing smoothly. It is not only efficient, but also very comfortable to drive!" sighed Jason, the customer.

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