Height 120m! XCMG 800 ton crawler crane challenge new lift height limit

Views: 5     Author: Doris     Publish Time: 2017-03-29      Origin: XCMG

Recently, XCMG XGC800 crawler crane in Anhui, a wind power project successfully completed the first 120 meters installation height of 2.2MW wind turbine hoisting project, creating a new type of fan lifting height of the new record.


The 13th Five-Year Wind Power Plan clearly pointed out that efforts should be made to develop wind power in the eastern and southern regions. However, the shortage of wind resources caused by geographical factors above the factors has gradually become prominent. In order to improve the efficiency of wind power utilization, the wind power manufacturers look to the construction of the general In general, 2.0MW-2.5MW fan tower maximum height of about 90 meters, the largest weight of 90 tons, and the vision of energy 2.2MW Of the test model, the height of the tower reached a historic 120 meters, in addition to the addition, the hoisting environment is also more complex, high-altitude wind speed reached an average of 4-5, lifting extremely harsh conditions.


Then the dilemma makes the hero. XCMG XGC800 has a strong wind power lifting capacity: without wind power from the situation, 108m +12 m maximum lifting capacity of 117 tons; with wind from the ultra-working conditions, 126m +12 m maximum lifting capacity of 110 tons. Can meet all the current 3.0MW and below the wind turbine installation conditions, is the wind power lifting within the veritable "all-around player."


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