Market share over 60% listed less than one year, why XCMG XCT55 so attract users to buy?

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As China crane industry's first 50 ton 6 sections boom truck crane product, G-generation XCT55L6 listed at the beginning by the majority of lifting users sought after, as the industry bench marking products. With the longer arm length, higher performance is always the same needs of users, with the national infrastructure investment growth, the product will have a broader market demand.

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From the market so far less than a year, XCT55L6 has been all over the country 17 provinces, and put into the national infrastructure, the successful completion of a variety of lifting tasks. Not only that, with its compact driving boundary size and strong off-road power shuttle in the complex road conditions, hoisting environment, large tonnage products difficult to enter the central and western regions, relying on its excellent hoisting performance, the completion of a number of key bridges, Frame and other lifting tasks. With excellent advantages, in the user base to establish an excellent reputation.

Advantages of a: double cylinder head single cylinder plug system

Six main arm up to 50 meters, the typical working conditions lifting performance up to 30%, the world's first double cylinder head single cylinder plug system, is the industry's most compact telescopic institutions, breaking the 50-ton crane products, , To establish a new height of the industry!

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Advantages II: double electric control pump split flow control system

Double proportional variable pump pump control system, and the proportion of the proportion of the valve combination of intelligent, more stable operation, micro-movement better, more efficient, more energy efficient system. Fully meet the needs of precision lifting, lifting the lowest stable speed (roll) 2.5m / min, the minimum speed of 0.1 ° / s rotation.

Advantages three: low-speed high-torque power transmission system

The new power transmission chain, equipped with a new turbo supercharged engine, multi-gear transmission and reached in the torque drive axle, you can accurately lock the efficient operating area, transmission torque greater, climbing ability, faster, faster fuel consumption low! And compared with the ton of competing products, fuel consumption by 12%.

Advantages of four: crane intelligent boom technology

"The situation automatically planning, hoisting servo function, lifting amplitude compensation function", the industry's most cutting-edge technology used in this new XCT55L6 crane, the new control concept, higher operating efficiency, the system more secure!

In traffic, electricity, urban construction and other fields, can see XCT55L6 figure. With absolutely superior performance advantages, XCT55L6 is widely recognized and praised by users in the hoisting circle!

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