Mr. Wang Min, Chairman of XCMG, in XCMG factory of Brazil

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It is a good scenery of Brazil, flowers and every season Jun. 11 months later, Wang Min, chairman of XCMG once again set foot on this piece of attachment, all employees competing to express the warm welcome to the arrival of chairman and full of joy.


Wang Min, chairman of the cordial and everyone shook hands greeted and delivered a warm speech, chairman of the full affectionately said: November 5, 2015 came to Brazil, I told you this year will come here, and today to honor my Commitment, my heart is always worried about the Brazilian company, because it is too important for XCMG. Although the world economy and the Brazilian economy in recent years is still in a state of instability, or even down, but the Brazilian company through the efforts of all staff, is still firmly stand here. This shows that in the market when the difficulties, as long as we firm confidence, to maintain a fixed force, hard work, we will be able to usher in new development opportunities. Our goal is to Brazil through the development of the company, our products more services in the Brazilian market and the South American market. Hope XCMG Brazil stand after the layout to do a good job, a solid foundation for the future for the XCMG to make contributions in efficiency and profitability. We must make XCMG products made in Brazil and South America, one of the most favorite products. XCMG employees are very concerned about the Brazilian company changes and some practices, please also believe that XCMG will, as always, fully support the Brazilian company. I hope that all the staff of the Brazilian company, must have this strategic force and operating strength, at the same time have innovative work and solid measures to meet the Brazilian market opportunities in the future, and South America and the world's future market opportunities. We love every employee of the enterprise, care for each employee, we must take this business as their own home, to work hard to protect her, let her life better, the same companies will strive to allow employees to quality of life There is a greater increase!


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