New history, XCMG XCA300U Astonish the U.S.A.

Views: 16     Author: Peter     Publish Time: 2017-11-17      Origin: Changzhou Yamar Group

Recently, from the United States, Pennsylvania came good news, XCMG XCA300U all-terrain crane perfect show, and successively complete the task of difficult lifting, access to the United States local lifting construction of the highly praised! The lifting of the crane industry for the Chinese significance, which is the Chinese brand of large tonnage all-terrain crane in Europe and the United States made a new breakthrough in the high-end market!

XCA300U all-terrain crane for the North American market is well-built G-generation high-end models. 8 great bright spot perfect show hoisting superior performance!

Chassis configuration DOT certified parts and the United States localization parts, safe and reliable, convenient service.

Emissions meet Tier4F requirements.

Matching performance of multi-mode steering technology, integrated brake management technology, large-stroke oil and gas suspension technology.

Especially designed to meet the North American driving habits of human-computer interaction system, the new American brake system and the depth of the optimized power system, the vehicle driving high-speed energy-saving, heavy transitions strong.



The machine matches the dolly trolley to form a variety of axle load conditions to meet the requirements of the North American state.

XCA300U all-terrain crane with 6 bridge 7 arm H-type leg structure, the main arm length of 80m (262.5ft), lifting performance industry-leading.

Equipped with Y-type super, the arm, wind power arm, lifting performance.

Mature counter weight is with the self-disassembly and G generation of intelligent boom technology, lifting efficient and efficient.

The XCA300U has completed the challenge of complex conditions with excellent driving and hoisting performance. The XCA300U has completed the challenge of designing, producing, selling and serving the product. So that the lifting of the construction site staff stunned! "China's crane was so cattle!" "China XCMG really very powerful!" They are excellent performance of the XCA300U amazed! Once again with the fact that the outstanding performance of XCMG products!

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