One person command six units truck cranes

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October in Jilin, after a fall, so that the temperature dropped to below 0 degrees, it seems that an instant into another winter. National Day holidays have not had time to rest, Yu Fengjiang on non-stop with his own crane fleet to another site for construction. The project is undertake the Meihekou City, a gas station ceiling installation tasks. For the words of Feng Jiang, "This is a small live, a hook on the end of the matter"! But the understatement of the word, in the construction side of the eyes, but it is the most complex part of the entire project.

Six XCMG truck cranes work together to lift one heavy ceiling.

9:00, Yu Fengjiang the mighty team arrived at the construction site. This scene attracted a large number of passers-by onlookers. At the same time to see six cranes in the same site construction, and all XCMG products, will inevitably lead to concern. The construction of the crane, there is a QY50KA, the other five are 25K series. The boss saw the construction site, and construction side and a few simple conversations, on the rapid command of six cranes in place. Select the position, extension legs, hanging spreader, minutes to do all the preparatory work. Under the unified command of the boss, six cranes with a tacit understanding, a smooth rise of the ceiling, the entire hoisting process less than one hour.
After the work, when we all praise for the amazing efficiency of the Fengjiang applause, he and we talk to, in fact, not because of their ability, but this group of machines with a lot of experience in lifting conditions, especially this large high-altitude installation Construction, in fact, the difficulty is still great. The key points are two points, the first is how to choose the appropriate lifting point to ensure that the same time to maintain balance when lifting; the other point is the crane has strict micro-mobility and stability requirements. From the purchase of the first crane XCMG began to take the first step to success. He is optimistic about his future development prospects, while he is considering whether the hands of their current equipment can meet development needs. Although the X series of K-Crane has been full of deep feelings, but the G-generation launch of a strong, so coveted in the boss for a long time, he also hopes to advance with the times, with G new products continue to grow their own business.

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