Operators from several country training in XCMG factory

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“What we need, XCMG has done for us; What we did not expect for, XCMG has also done for us!” On XCMG "Global Machine good hands" charity project second course opening ceremony, participants from Sudan on behalf of Mr. Sarrag emotionally said.

Future, XCMG Technician College will learn more about the personalized skills training needs to identify participants, improve the training system, improve the quality of training, to provide security for the students at home and abroad, caring, thoughtful value-added services; training of teachers will continue to strengthen the depth of interaction with students do a good job answering questions, sharing collaboration, personalized guidance, teaching, and make continuous optimization of the training system.

XCMG training operator (1)

XCMG training operator (2)

Since XCMG "global good hand machine" charity project started, XCMG has all kinds of training for the domestic construction machinery products parade of hand 689. Meanwhile, overseas, XCMG 54 auto joint local vocational colleges to carry out for 132 service personnel overseas staging parade of hand skills upgrading vocational training. XCMG Group, the world will gradually build a "dealer service people - XCMG service specialists - Service Manager" service echelon, training skilled personnel back-up services for the global construction machinery industry, so that more customers worldwide users and devices more efficient, intelligent, easy access to the device, continue to meet the needs of various types of engineering integrated solutions.

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