See XCMG "Hercules" LW600KN wheel loader skillfully transport logs

Views: 1     Author: Raymond     Publish Time: 2023-02-16      Origin: Changzhou Yamar Group

In the depths of a rainforest in Africa, several XCMG wheel loaders with clamps are moving the huge logs. With the cooperation of XCMG wheel loaders, they are carrying out the transfer operation in an orderly manner, helping the construction of local pillar industries.

LW600KN 2

LW600KN wheel loader with wood clamp is an improved deformation tool product based on the 6-ton flagship product of XCMG loader. It has a powerful horsepower output of 178kW. And it is more flexible with a wheel base of 3350mm.

LW600KN 1

As the damage may easily cause by when it's turning and walking on the rough road. XCMG specially designed the articulated protection mechanism. It protected the oil cylinder and cylinder pipeline, which is more reliable.

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