Several sets of data at a glance G Hutchison XCMG all terrain generation XCA450

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Hoardings hangar using polymer composite materials, light weight, high strength, and the two chambers are formed streamlined, close convergence. Personalized "honeycomb" element, generous display of the noble spirit of G generation, sleek design and two-bedroom echoes; three-dimensional wind shield in full compliance with air theology.

XCMG all terrain crane XCA450
Freestanding aluminum alloy wheel package, three-dimensional sense of strong, domineering leakage

XCA450 tire
With Seven-section main booms length of 80m, longest in the industry, the main arm + super easy to meet 1.5MW from mainstream fan. After the long arm plus jib length of 134m, longest in the industry.
Conditions fixed jib maximum lifting 120m, from the weight of 6.8t, far ahead of foreign products.

XCMG XCA450 all terrain crane


From ultra-length tensioning technology, this is not what Black &!
Length tensioning technology, eliminate safety hazards from the ultra-tension caused by insufficient effective guarantee from super condition, linearity, performance lifting boom lift 5-8%. The whole process takes a key is operated to close the efficiency over 30% increase from the exhibition.
XCMG all terrain crane XCA450 cab 

Single-engine system, share a vehicle engine, chassis power coming through the shaft passing car supremacy, simple structure, high reliability, low failure rate. XCA450 G generation using a single engine drive technology, the machine weighs about lowering 800kg, the weight saving is a reasonable allocation to the boom and other key structures, job performance improvement of 5%

XCMG all terrain crane XCA450 operation
Flexible, worry-free transition
Mercedes-Benz engine 440KW + Allison 7-speed gearbox, four drivers, dynamic performance to match a more reasonable; more compact design, vehicle length is only 18.09 meters, the minimum turning radius of only 12m. Modular Integrated brake management system, efficient allocation of each auxiliary brake and service brake, emergency brake to shorten the braking distance by 10%; caliper disc brake replacement cycle and a longer service life, annual savings of $ 8,000 / unit Repair fees.

Luxury two-bedroom, absolute suction eye of the work
Three steering wheel feels good thickness suitable driver through the steering wheel can be directly observed dashboard information.
Very soft seat package is very good, the various functions of the console distribution is very reasonable and very easy to use.
12.3-inch glossy display is the biggest bright spot, is on the grade! Bid farewell to the chassis mechanical pointer, replacing them with virtual instrument interface, with rich information display, more intuitive, gestures, everything you want to know has a panoramic view.

Two true-color touch screen 10.4-inch foot, this is already bigger than the screen size of the ipad.
The left-hand column of the key distinction clear, orderly arrangement, a small total area into the 13 intelligence, information and interactive technology, vehicle safety, operation lifting, handling environmental control. Compared to traditional button waterproof better, more comprehensive information covering all the information in the lifting process inputs and outputs have been introduced into the system, a kind of strategizing, winning thousands of miles of good sense, please help your chin, is displayed in two Transient Current lit screen, you're guaranteed stunned, in addition to real-time display of the lifting information, the user can directly touch the screen, make the choice of operating conditions, the system will automatically identify the main arm extension in place, a large the degree of labor was liberated operator.

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