Small bee-XCMG new diesel sweeper machine

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Recently, following the 1000L electric Sweeper "Bee" the successful completion of the trial, XCMG Sweepers get a new family member --- SJCH500A diesel Sweeper. The product is XCMG XCMG Environmental Research Institute and co-developed another masterpiece.

XCMG sweeper small bee

SJCH500A Sweeper diesel-powered, articulated steering, fully hydraulic steering lightweight, strong drive, two brushes and a removable three main brush sweeping width can be increased, easy to deal with stairs, road calculus and corner of the dust, especially for the narrow winding road, adaptable, easy to operate. Advanced and efficient dust removal mode, the unique fan inlet brush, water spray dust, the wind turbine can forcefully remove the amount of dust. Water cannons can be equipped with handheld pipette operation for flowers, bushes. At the same time, the cab is also equipped with cold and warm sound, reverse image and other equipment, greatly improved working conditions.
The product is still using the vehicle styling bees form bionic design. Bionic features yellow and black color, mirrors, lights, sweeping brush and other details of the deal, so that the body is more compact and flexible, to better fit the modern concept of urban cleaning, can be widely used in urban roads, sidewalks, pedestrian streets, squares and parks such as road cleaning, sanitation equipment will become the city's most dazzling stroke.

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