The Development of XCMG crane

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After years hard work, XCMG now become the No.1 in China, top 5 of world construction machinery manufacturer, it’s a big achievement, let’s see how they make this:
1. 100 thousands of rotary tests
If you walk into XCMG crane factory, you will see a work platform is always turning. That is the test for slewing cylinder. “Our aim is to turn it 50 thousand times with no stop” The test project manager said.
2. Working in very hot and cold area
In one test ground of the northeast of China, the temperature is -40 , XCMG crane is standing there, doing the telescoping, lift heavy work.
“Excellent products will challenge all bad weather conditions” Said by Mr. Liu, one of the test project managers of XCMG.
XCMG truck crane

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