We are different, XCMG “peacock blue” blooming in Africa

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Peacock blue, with the innate elegance and elegance of the peacock, gorgeous and graceful, while exuding the unique bright and pure. It seems that people are fascinated by the charm of the peacock's opening screen and have long been interested in it. People's love for peacock blue is also increasing. Not long ago, at a certain airport in West Africa, suddenly appeared a "steel mechanical army" from China; even more surprising is that these big guys wearing "peacock blue" and "battle armor", majestic, mighty, hot in Africa Under the illumination of the sun, it gracefully blooms and exudes the unique charm of the "Great Country".

XCMG crane

If the color change is only a small adjustment, then the XCMG boutiques that are “privately customized” for different regions and environments will reflect the service spirit of XCMG workers and the quality of products that are “leading technology, not destroying”. Constant pursuit.

motor grader of XCMG

XCMG motor grader

In April 2018, in order to meet the requirements of BHP Billiton, one of the world's largest mining group companies, for the highest standards of operational performance, safety and attendance of mining equipment, XCMG has provided customized product solutions. The designers of XCMG have comprehensively upgraded the GR3505 mining grader according to BHP Billiton mining equipment technical standards and Australian standards. The performance and service life of the machine have been comprehensively improved and reached the international leading level. The customized XCMG boutique, with its 50-degree high temperature in Australia, hard ore as a knife, and extremely harsh working conditions, still has outstanding performance.

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