Why XCMG make kinds of trucks now?

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Why we make XCMG truck? Previously, it was a lot of people often ask questions. They believe that a company doing construction machinery, trucks can make it good?
Why not make XCMG truck? Previously, it was Xu workers often ask questions. In their view, a special chassis technology specialist, could not make the truck?
2016 January - April, Xu worked for Chinese heavy truck industry, a dark horse, to create the history of Chinese heavy truck development uncommon growth, tractor sales increase of up to 822%. Located in Xuzhou tech Industrial Development Zone, the overall planning area of ​​3,000 acres, an area of ​​1160 acres of XCMG heavy truck production base put into operation next year, after years of development leapfrogged more than the old heavy truck brand, reached the top ten industry give industry a huge shock.
And the achievements, depends on its "peak start" strategic initiatives. Market leading products, "Chinese wind" (HANVAN) Series tractor, start standing in the domestic industry's most high-end. 2016 Beijing Auto Show debut of the Chinese wind G900 tractor, breaking years of wandering Chinese heavy truck technology concepts, active and passive safety, ride comfort, the full introduction of the concept of passenger cars with the technology, known as "The Beijing Auto show highest profile "of the tractor. XCMG, shot is the industry crown height, which is the pursuit of higher and more special technical strength dictates.

XCMG articulated dump truck

XCMG heavy duty dump trucks

XCMG mining dump truck

Industry generally believe that XCMG truck into the general field is "ill intent", he will give full play to their strengths, we must continue to do Chinese truck "conventional forces" incompetence "special forces" have to do a more close to the people the "orderly." The representative of China in the field of heavy-duty special vehicles "hot topic" global "special forces", the roots for all kinds of sophisticated vehicle chassis "graduate", across the road, off-road, the major areas of special purpose vehicles "car doctor", who set higher feelings, more power and special technology in one after seven years of development coming from the war industry leaders - XCMG, with industry serve the country, the summit of Mount Everest, the world's benefit feelings, with accumulated technology in all kinds of difficult decades in the field of specialty chassis, and consistent "safe, reliable, comfortable, efficient, economical, heavy-duty" genetic heritage, transport vehicles to the general field of shock hit! He will bring Chinese art truck what new state, let us wait and see!

XCMG transport truck

XCMG truck tractor

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