World's TOP 1 crane lifts work, XCMG crawler crane lift 1926 ton giant tower in Saudi Arabia

Views: 42     Author: Mike     Publish Time: 2020-02-06      Origin: XCMG

The XGC88000, XCMG designed and produced 4000ton crawler crane, which participated in the Saudi lifting, has a maximum lifting capacity of 4,000 tons, and is currently the world's largest crawler crane. It is jointly developed and manufactured by XCMG and SINOPEC, and has 3 internationally first practical technologies, 6 international leading technologies, and more than 80 national patents. As far as technical strength is concerned, this product can be described as the "pinnacle" of similar products in the world, and it can be called "the world's first crane."

XCMG crawler crane

XCMG 4000t crawler crane

XGC88000 has the characteristics of large lifting torque, full working condition coverage, self-propelled counterweight, strong foundation adaptability, and convenient disassemble. It has participated in the construction of many key projects in China, creating and maintaining a maximum of 128.05 meters and a maximum weight of 2155 tons Lifting records.

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