XCA220, the super new G generation all terrain crane

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Jilin Song Huajiang River dam construction project, small space, slope, in such a space, it is difficult for the crane to display their fist. In addition, in such a site construction, but also faced with "car hanging fixed, the cart not get into" the troubled!

XCA220 all terrain crane XCA220(1).jpg

In the 200-ton crane, only from the body to see, XCA220 absolutely can be "no significant mountain, not dew." 5 bridge structure of the chassis design is only 13 meters, not only can achieve three or four bridge drive free switching, but also to achieve full bridge turn, the highest climbing rate of 67%. It can be said that the emergence of XCA220, for the small space of the lifting task to solve the big trouble!

Hebei chemical plant construction, 35 meters long chemical tank full of 35 tons, and to this huge tank over 5 meters high obstacles, and with the base of the 20 bolts to achieve precise docking. This for the XCA220, it seems that there is no difficulty, 73 meters long seven main arm, more than enough. How to install a tin can be installed at once to the established location, is the real test of XCA220 fretting, fully closed hydraulic system stability really powerful, the minimum stable speed can be accurate to 1.3 mm / s, 1.3 mm is the needle The hole is so big. The whole hoisting process at one go, stable as Taishan XCA220, brought not only is efficient, more secure sense of security!

XCA220 all terrain.jpg

XCA220, so beautiful and moving "flash in the pan" from the inside and outside the distribution of noble temperament, may be able to impress all the lifting artist! But it must be, it is not a gift of God, but from a group of artists ingenuity carved.


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