XCMG 130ton truck crane XCT130 in city Yibin

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Cheng Jun - general manager of Yibin Weicheng Engineering Machinery Leasing Co., Ltd., engaged in lifting industry for 16 years, has built Yunnan Jinling chemical large transformer, Wuliangye terminal, port large wharf and other major projects in Yibin lifting task, In the southern Sichuan region has a pivotal position. In 2016, when the X-generation X XX130 settled in Yibin, causing the local hoisting agitation and strong concern.



Let's take a look at why the XCT130 has such a big appeal. Five bridge 61 meters main arm, vice arm lengthening section can reach 28 meters, the whole weight of 55 tons, lifting performance leading industry products more than 10%, in a steel enterprise construction to complete the main arm 61m + amplitude 20m + lifting 11t Lifting conditions. In the industry 100 tons of products in the performance ahead.


Low-speed high-torque power system makes the speed of 85km / h, while 100 km fuel consumption savings of 20%, in a variety of complex road conditions have excellent driving performance. The international first-run rear axle hydraulic follow-up steering technology, to achieve road driving and small turn two steering mode; high-speed stable and reliable, low-speed mobile flexibility; reduce the gap caused by the gap gap error, reduce fuel consumption and tire wear.

In the construction site of the high-Zhuang bridge of Yibin Highway and Railway, XCT130 crane is lifting 12 tons of steel structure, 32 meters long arm, 10 meters range of work conditions, for XCT130 is very easy. According to manipulator hand introduction, engaged in lifting industry for nearly a decade, contact with a lot of crane models, obviously feel this car to a higher grade, whether it is hanging or hanging weight, are very stable, people feel at ease. At the same time, it is indeed insight into the X-generation G-generation in the intelligent and user-friendly design aspects of the unique.

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