XCMG 15 ton wheel excavator is working in Ningxia province

Views: 18     Author: Doris     Publish Time: 2018-01-17      Origin: Changzhou Yamar Group

Recently, XCMG XE150WB dozens of wheeled excavators in Ningxia Guyuan, a certain formation of construction operations, the product of high attendance, high reliability and high operating efficiency by the customer's high praise. Thanks to the second half of last year since the beginning of various types of infrastructure projects started, XCMG wheel excavator because of its flexible and flexible characteristics by the mountain and urban construction construction customers welcome, the first quarter of 2017 market share increased to 9.8% Domestic brand first.

XCMG wheel excavator.jpg

For the domestic wheeled excavator market "safe, comfortable, high mobility" of the construction requirements, XCMG to deepen the potential market segments, research and development team has overcome the "steering system intelligent control technology", "walking motor automatic override, gearbox Security technology, "and other key technologies to technology platform as the basis, with original technology and core components as a breakthrough, the development of 6 tons, 15 tons, 21 tons of wheeled excavator products and bulk to the market, Sexual, intelligent control level, operating efficiency significantly improved.

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With the accelerating process of urbanization, wheeled excavator demand gradually increased, based on security and intelligent technology XCMG series wheeled excavator batch listing, and further enrich the XCMG digging machine product line, enhance the market competitiveness of segments.


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