XCMG 20 ton truck crane XCT20

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"From the classic, very tough energy" of XCT20 crane, in addition to the original tradition of the classic 20-ton product efficiency characteristics, to achieve all aspects of performance and completely gorgeous transformation. And industry with tons of products compared to 10% leading lifting performance, operating efficiency of 12% lead, 10% of the leading dynamic performance, fuel consumption saving of 13%. New boom structure is more compact, effective improve boom lap length. Equally permanent situation from the weight is 1% to 3%. At the same time, quantitative valve system allows air to manipulate more accurate, smoother. Lifting the minimum steady speed 2.5m / min, micro technology industry's premier; pressure fluctuations in the value of 15 ~ 30bar, minimum steady rotation speed 0.1 ° / s. In the feelings of the scene, as if that is watching a dynamic mechanical show.

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XCT20 crane is versatile swordsmen. New suspension system, avoid driving deviation, enhance the driving experiences. The rear suspension is with rubber suspension, axle positioning effect increased by 50%. For the first time using low speed high torque power system, eight synchromesh gearbox, the maximum speed of industry-leading 6%, the biggest climb reaches 45 °, faster, more powerful, even in the muddy road environment, the same can operate freely .

XCMG truck crane XCT20

Exercise machine hand was a young lad, but has six years of experience in the crane exercise machine. Before the operation has been an XCMG QY25K product. Speaking two cars contrast feelings, he gushes to us: "In the past only opened QY25K crane, that car was feeling really good, use them very worry, basically did not had any problems yet available. Over this XCT20, to know their knowledge is really too small. with a strong driving force in the process, on the road on foot throttle can be more than a car. work efficiency also improved a lot, telescopic boom, hook ups and downs, the rotation speed is very fast, and very stable. XCMG really admire! "
In addition, the new hook wearing rope, flexible shaft manipulation, new shields, leg work lights, and a new hook fixture on and off the channel and other personalized details highlights not only improve efficiency, but also your operation and driving more comfortable. XCT20 has a new appearance, elegant design, excellent workmanship, follow the international standard design clever fusion, layering, a sense of strength and sense of technology, so that you will be a love it.


Such beauty, such a car, harmonious beauty of picturesque scenes! G generation is so different!
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