XCMG 200 units heavy Trucks travel in China

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Recently, XCMG Automotive Division and XCMG Supply Company jointly held "in Xuzhou XCMG heavy truck product launches," from the 27 logistics companies of more than 50 people attending the event, ordered a total of about 200 "Hanvan" heavy trucks, for the country within the transportation business.


The promotion will participate in the 27 logistics enterprises XCMG transportation bidder bidding project. Logistics and transport in accordance with industry practice, freight vehicles generally use three years after the replacement is necessary, so the logistics business is essentially eliminated or additions every year part of the vehicle. XCMG "Hanvan" heavy trucks since listing, with "safety, reliability, economy, comfort, intelligent" "Five Diamond Quality" by the majority of users, it is satisfied with the logistics business car choice. In view of this, should the overall deployment of the Group Procurement Committee XCMG XCMG Automotive Division and XCMG supply work together to implement the following plan: give the maximum benefits from the price and service, encourage advocacy cooperation logistics companies use the "Chinese Wind" heavy truck replacement eliminated or additions vehicles; hold product launches, site visits to interact personally test drive and other forms of further cooperation in logistics companies to attract car buyers choose.
Mutual win-win situation as the goal, innovative tricks as the starting point, XCMG brand joined forces to give full play to the advantages of the overall operation, to achieve new breakthroughs in sales, to pull together "Everest summit" full marching.

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