XCMG 220 ton all terrain crane XCA220 in lifting work

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With the successful launch of XCMG G generation, engineering machinery industry to experience what a real high-end technology, but also enable the industry to satiate the palate, of course, I want to say is that all the good far more than that. Currently, G generation products have entered the bulk of the market, perhaps in your side you have can easily find their presence.
G generation able to witness the construction of large-tonnage, for me, would be a blessing, especially in the field to capture every moment XCA220 first show, between the ups and downs with a full lifting beauty of art, so I still obsessed.

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May 17, Shijiazhuang, blue sky above as if washed off with water, there is no trace of clouds, deep and transparent. In chemical plants, XCA220 invited had arrived, can not help but see it feel warm, looked around a few times, I feel XCA220 been more mature, able to work independently like a "man."

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1- With the five bridges of the ultimate chassis design, easy transition to the construction site in place in one step, that handsome King, captured the hearts of a
2- lifting of the preparatory work must be done well before, put away the Ottomans support plate, support a good leg, the following is installed counterweight. This live weight assembly, XCA220 pretty good, and that they do - less than a quarter of an hour of effort, 32 t counterweight has been firmly linked to below the winch.
3- looked XCA220 first work, so do not mind some small excitement, however, seven tons of cans for perhaps it is just a small test chopper Bale. 50 m main boom conditions have been more than enough. Nearly 30 meters high, how disposable cans attached to a predetermined position, the real test of the product micro mobility, stability, full closed hydraulic system really is not covered, the minimum steady speed can be accurate to 1.3 mm / sec, 1.3 mm pinhole is so large that only. What is art, just fine place!
4- QY70K-it, with the assistance of the cans had been successfully lifted, then look XCA220 of, and this time the computer display, the weight of the cans is enough to have 35 tons.
5- 5 meters over the obstacles placed in the cans will be good ground positioning bolts 20, the whole process at one go. What is art, in this leisurely, ease the process!

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