XCMG 260 ton all terrain crane help to build aluminum factory

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During China National holiday, all over the country are in different forms to celebrate the birth of the motherland in Binzhou, an aluminum enterprise, two XCMG hundred ton cranes work together to offer a breathtaking large lifting feast, on behalf of the construction machinery industry to the motherland Gifts!
In the construction of the chemical transformation project, the equipment is necessary to accurately enter and exit estimates, especially in a small construction site, it is invisible to increase the difficulty of construction, while the operator of the field operation is a huge test. XCMG QAY260A all terrain crane with six axles, body length of more than 16 meters, and the body weight of 72 tons. But the product uses advanced electro-hydraulic proportional steering control technology, accurate and reliable multi-mode steering, and more flexible shuttle in the narrow construction site. So for the hoisting team, they already have a well-thought-out.



9 o'clock in the morning, chemical aluminum furnace installation works on time, and the lifting task is the project for up to two years, the most difficult part of the construction. Need to replace the original small furnace. And at this time, the site has reached 6 winds, which for large-scale hoisting project, is a severe test, the need for a crane with super-fine and stability. The site of all hoisting team members performs their duties, calm. In the whole process of lifting, the furnace should be raised to more than ten meters high, cannot touch the surrounding less than 1 meter of various equipment. In the load rate of 100% of the case, the furnace was slowly lifting, and precision installation in place. The whole process is accurate and unmistakable and takes only 30 minutes in one go.
It is understood that the project a total investment of 15 billion yuan, engineering, including the transformation of chemical aluminum desulfurization and the new eight 66 MW unit. Expected to be completed by early 2018. And to ensure the smooth progress of the project two XCMG 100-ton crane will be involved in the transformation of the whole building. In addition to QAY260A all-terrain crane, another QY100K-1 also plays an important role. Through the construction of a month, the relevant construction units of two XCMG hundred ton crane given a high degree of evaluation and recognition.

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