XCMG 260 ton crawler crane XGC260

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XGC260 crawler crane in the city rail construction of the shield machine hoisting can be said to be the key to the key, to play the important task. XGC260 "secret weapon" is the industry's leading stand-alone shield hoisting technology, from the past two machines to lift the shield machine into a machine to turn over, hoisting, in place, Operating efficiency increased by 40%, operating costs reduced by 30%, also for the hoisting of the "Almighty King Kong."

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Super lifting performance

Lightweight high-strength boom and integrated low center of gravity large chassis design, configuration industry-leading 93m main arm and 66m tower arm, lifting performance stronger. Shield arm, wind power arm, fixed arm three-in-one arm function integration, product engineering adaptability increased by 3 times, a wider range of operations.

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Superior transport adaptability

Global barrier-free transport design, single piece of maximum transport weight 35.7t, single piece of the largest transport width of only 3.0m, single piece of maximum transport height of 3.2m, compared with the same level of products, transport the highest adaptability. Transport weight, height, width to meet the world's most stringent road transport regulations.

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All-round human design

Control room using bionic design fashion novel, the entire operating system through the human simulation software simulation, the operation more convenient and comfortable. Control room and streamlined turntable, exquisite balance weight, full of vitality of the coating echo each other, reflecting the overall excellent quality of excellence.

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